reduce observability costs

reduce observability costsresolve incidents fasterspread tribal knowledge

OneGrep helps fast-moving teams resolve incidents quickly while keeping observability costs down.

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An engineer's personal Observability Copilot

No more stale dashboards or parsing through noisy logs.

Your team can find highly contextual answers about what's happening in their services immediately.

Spread your team's tribal knowledge

Scale your team by having OneGrep learn context around when certain telemetry is most valued and what actions to perform in specific situations.

Eliminate knowledge silos.

Make Observability more efficient.

OneGrep reduces your observability bill by intelligently selecting which logs, metrics, or traces to forward to your existing provider in real-time.

Connect to anything

OneGrep optimizes telemetry before it gets sent to your existing Observability Provider.

See OneGrep optimize telemetrysave moneyidentify problemsfind answersresolve issues

Experience for yourself how OneGrep can scale your DevOps team

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